FPR would like to Thank our Families for 17 wonderful years!! Here’s to another fantastic 17 years!


We are continuing the following precautions so everyone feels safe.  Our lobby is closed and our therapist are meeting the parents at the door, taking temperatures, sanitizing hands.  We then take the child back to wash hands. We are continuing to wipe all surfaces with clorox after each use along with sanitizing the entire clinic daily with a medical grade sanitizer and fogger for the nooks and crannies.  In addition, we have purchased UVC lights that kills all bacteria wherever the lights land.  We have purchased a new air filtration system that helps remove bacteria and viruses from the air in the clinic. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dee, our office manager at 281-344-1808.  We want our families to be safe AND continue his or her therapy for greater independence for their children.

Therapy with Care

Faith Pediatric Rehabilitation provides specialized occupational, and speech therapy services in a warm, community-based setting to children in the Fort Bend County area for the past seventeen years. I opened this clinic to help the local community and the children.  I have always understood the families side in some manner…my daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and we had some tough times with her growing up but my true understanding of the challenges of having a special needs child came when my precious grandson came to our family.  He is diagnosed with SMA and has many medical needs.  He attends therapy 4 days a week. It seems as if their are not enough hours in a day to do EVERYTHING.  I am honored and am amazed by all of our families and their commitment to help their children.  I thank you for letting us (Faith Pediatric Rehabilitation) to be on your child’s journey and for trusting and letting us help your child to become as independent as he/she can be in the world.

Our client’s include all children, from birth through age 21, who are experiencing difficulty successfully meeting the demands of childhood such as: meeting gross motor milestones including sitting, kneeling, standing, crawling and walking, and participating in sports. Meeting fine motor and ADL milestones including dressing themselves, grasping, organizing their belongings, opening and closing containers, and writing and cutting. Meeting speech milestones including communicating, articulation, feeding, and socializing. We look at the individual child and help him/her with his/her deficits to be as independent as possible in his/her daily life.

Please explore our site to learn more about our pediatric therapy services and the children we care so much about.

If you like more information please call us at 281-344-1808 or contact Dee at dlopez@faithpediatric.com